2019 Goals (and review of 2018)

Last year, I launched this little experiment.  In part, it was another outlet, something to use to reflect on my writing and a place to post when the desire arose.  However, I largely forgot this existed over the summer.  My bad.  I'm hoping that I won't let it drop off again this year.  I have … Continue reading 2019 Goals (and review of 2018)


Giftmas 2018

Happy holidays all!  This year, I'm participating in Rhonda Parrish's wonderful initiative, Giftmas 2018!  What is this, you ask? Giftmas 2018 is an advent themed fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank.  Every day in December, someone has donated a wonderful little piece of writing to help raise funds.  Before I get to my story, I … Continue reading Giftmas 2018